Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Netwerk24, 23 May, 2017: Bloemfontein Writer's Bestselling Books on Madeleine McCann


  1. You missed off contacting Martin Van Who who searched for her in PDL..He will tell and show you th e email from Philomena McCann to say the reward by the newspapers and media and millionairs was for 'alive or dead'. She was misled. From the persons and agencies it was made clear it was a ransom fee for alive and for exclusive story. No reward was made for a child deceased. She misled the media or she believed that any reward was for the return of this four year old in May of 2007. No reward exists today from anyone. Ask Martin to show you as he involved his boss Birch who misled the information came from a Dutch psychic. But I physically searched three weeks after the staged missing circus.

  2. Martin Van Wyk. Correction SA.