Thursday, September 17, 2015

Latest 5 star Review of FUGITIVE

Another amazing read by van der Leek and Wilson  
By melissa manzella on September 17, 2015
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Wow, what a read! Carefully researched and creatively written, I found this book to be an absolute winner. If ever there'd been a nagging question as to this shooting being an accident, these two authors have put that squarely to bed! Delving deeply into Oscars life, revealing what makes him 'tick', his frailties and fears, but much more importantly, his absolute resolve to 'fix them' (cover them up), has allowed these two to construct a narrative that ultimately arrives, and directly ties into, the shooting on that fateful Valentines morning. It becomes apparent to the reader that Oscar did little that wasn't INTENDED. This reality even existing from a very early age. 
 The reader gains insight into how Oscars' response to these issues made him sell out long ago, and the authors lay bare Oscars mission, one where weaknesses are never allowed to show, that is until they regretfully surfaced in the most grotesque way possible, ending the life of Reeva Rebecca Steenkamp. This is a must read for trial junkies (legal info also included on upcoming appeal), those who enjoy the study of the human condition, or those who'd just like to better understand 'who' Oscar Pistorius was. 
During this trial and even now, I'd often myself wondered just how this guy who seemingly had it all, now sits in a cell convicted of homicide. Fugitive answered my question! Congrats and many thanks to Nick van der Leek and Lisa Wilson on authoring another stunning book, and please, please, write another! 
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