Thursday, July 3, 2014

Early Reviews of RESURRECTION, Book #3 in freelance photojournalist Nick van der Leek's series on the Oscar Pistorius Trial

"By the way, I bought your Oscar Pistorius books – am very interested in that trial. Well …at last some sense to it all. You are on to something. Excellent reads with so much research and so so much thought. I was most impressed. Hope they do well." - JL, Sub-editor
The above comment made by Jani Allan is posted in the comment forum below her 'Letter to Oscar'. It can be verified at this link. 

"The public deserve to read [the Oscar Pistorius Trial eBook series]. Nobody could have done it the way you did.  They're genius. - Maggie Taylor, via Whatsapp

"Holy crap it is awesome!!! You have captured so much of what so many believe and hypothesize about on Twitter. Btw did you know there were a pair of jeans lying outside on the pathway outside the bathroom window (he said he heard what sounded like the window opening?) Your theory of her going to the bathroom to use the phone would fit in with the jeans being thrown out for her escape-. She could pretend she was going downstairs to get something to eat and then make a run for it. 
Your theory is great and makes perfect sense.
The bursary idea is great and there are many people out there who would love to see that happen and help it come to reality. I will certainly want to be involved in some way. Well done Nick - I don't think it's megalomaniac at all! - Terry Wittwen, via email

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