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Jodi Arias eBook Series: Highlights from our Best Reviews


Sharon Norris April 8, 2015
 This is exactly the kind of book I was searching for about this case! This book (and the second book by the same authors entitled, "Mendacity") goes into depth, not just about the cold facts about this extraordinary story but more importantly about the limitations, inner conflicts and interconnectedness we share as human beings. This book helped me to reconcile the uncomfortable feelings I had about this case. The truth is I identified with both Travis and Jodi, as people and the situation they found themselves in. I was both disturbed and fascinated by that, and longed for answers. This book offers answers by examining the nitty-gritty psychological aspects of not only Jodi and Travis' story but also the human story, and the fact that as human beings we "don't know the world or ourselves as well as we pretend we do." 

Joan Brodie April 18, 2015
Thoughtful and inspired. It will make you think, and is written from the perspective of real people watching an unbelievable experience. Authentic and minced no words. I will read it again.

MCD April 5, 2015
I bought this book on the back of the Oscar Pistorius series, written by the same authors. I didn't know anything about this particular case, but it has definitely been a page turner and eye opener.

As with the Pistorius case, the authors have a unique approach to picking 'Crucible' - style at the details of this case - giving a context to both the victim and the murderer - before panning back to placing the case within the context of the modern Western world. They also interrogate the process of decision making, including the flawed thinking of Jodi Arias and her dud decisions which she tries ineffectually to defend in the bizarre and almost amusing exchange between her and the prosecutor.
The authors must be commended on an incredibly well researched take on this case, as well the skillful writing of a re-enactment of what may have happened on the day of the murder. Their unique style involves the use of metaphor and personal accounts. This may seem to others as though the authors go off on a tangent but there's usually a message/meaning/point to the journey, which they bring back to the main story.

Mariam Rouzparast  March 2, 2015
Good read. Liked the links and the analysis of the case. I would recommend this book for anyone interested in this case. Thank you! 

jolene montalvo  March 5, 2015
Very in depth look at the trial of Jodi Arias. Loved the links!! Usually I go back and forth looking up info but this book took me right to it! The different takes on many of the situations that Travis and Jodi put them selves in was amazing and a real eye opener. I feel spoiled by this book! Can't wait for the next book! Good work!

April 12, 2015
I could not stop reading!! Compelling. A look at these two individuals and the lies they told themselves and each other is fascinating, this goes way beyond the trial and the text, gmail, and phone messages. I finished this book and then immediately read Mendacity! The Mendacity read is my favorite, and gives an honest and compelling look in to Travis's life, as well a look at my own life, and the author shares his "crazy" relationship he endured. After reading I understand why he (Travis) could not leave Jodi and vice versa. I like the way these authors take turns writing about these individuals and the different aspects of their lives (lies). They also ask that you take a look at yourself and your own mendacity...can you?? Both of these books are worth the read. I look forward to their next book....Authenticity. I followed this trial from the beginning and tomorrow (April 13, 2015) the World will learn what type of sentence Judge Stephens will hand Jodi. After tomorrow will this be the last time we hear from Jodi Arias??? Thank you Nick and Lisa.

AUDACITY is available on Amazon for $4.70


Mariam Rouzparast April 1, 2015
Great update to Audacity. The big difference, I think is that the first book focused more on the relationship and this is more of a philosophical nature. It makes you reflect on not just Jodi and Travis and the craziness called a trial but who we are and why we tend to act and feel.

wisprette April 3, 2015
If you are interested in the Jodi Arias trial this is a must read. It's honesty about JA, TA, and ourselves is refreshing! 

Louanne Tosch April 12, 2015
I read this book immediately after I read Audacity. I loved this will not only learn new aspects of Travis' life, but your own! These two authors write in a way that you cannot stop, their insight will have you stop and examine your own life. You will look at these two individuals differently (Travis & Jodi), (it did not change the fact that I still believe Jodi is evil). After I read this book I look at my life, my relationships and my goals differently. I will listen more carefully to what people say. ENJOY the RIDE!! Thank you Nick and Lisa you answered a lot of questions that were tumbling around in my head!

April 28, 2015  
...a must read of all 3 books! You will walk away asking yourself questions - about yourself!

MENDACITY is available on Amazon for $4.50


Barbara G. Rice April 28, 2015 
Jodi Arias murder of Travis Alexander is at the heart of these 3 books, but it also peers into our motives - juxtaposed against references to current political & societal events.
AUDACITY, MENDACITY and AUTHENTICITY examines and lays open a history of humanity - with all its failings.
The authors ask us pertinent questions about ourselves.
Yes the crime was horrific - slaughter - but while Jodi carried a WMD-level of AUDACITY, MENDACITY, and some AUTHENTICITY - the authors ask us to see this same thing (albeit mustard seed size) in ourselves, our daily lives, and how we move within our sphere of societal interactions.
The authors are extremely-versed, very knowledgeable and meticulous in the details. As they say "the devil is in the details" - how especially true in the murder of Travis Alexander.
Very thought provoking books. Highly recommend!

AUTHENTICITY is available on Amazon for  $4.00

Coming Soon VANITY...

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9x Reviews of DECEIT

 I highly recommend DECEIT to anyone interested in the Meredith Kercher murder case. Nick van der Leek shines a new light on the events as they transpired which brings the reader into the crime.  DECEIT brings all of the many details into a coherent flow that is easy to follow.  Whether you are new to this case of have been following it for years, DECEIT should be on your reading list. - LH

Thoroughly enjoyed this book.   I cannot wait for the next one.   There had to be more  to this murder...  and now I am sure there was more than one person involved.  I just love the narrative that makes Nick's books so enjoyable.- Lorna Kavanagh

Thank you very much for your book Deceit Nick.
The truth is shining through while reading it.  [DECEIT] gives hope and motivation to spread the word of this heavy miscarriage of justice the Kercher family has to suffer.

Your scenario is highly plausible.The circumstantial evidence in this case is overwhelming. Injustice was made acquitting the two defendants.
Keep the great work going!
I am looking forward to further psychological analyses - reviewer refers to herself as 'Just So'

I enjoyed #Deceit because it was  a comparison between fact and Amanda Knox's version of events, that will lead readers to one conclusion. She was involved in the Murder of the beautiful accomplished young woman she shared a house with. It was probably jealousy because Meredith was truly loved and had many friends, while Amanda had none.
Interesting to read how Amanda put herself at the murder scene at least two times before police discovered the body of Meredith, lied to police, blamed an innocent black man, changed her story several times, and said she heard the screams of her housemate, yet failed to call for help.
Nick van der Leek [gives] a fresh perspective in his well researched study of the murder, [a study] that the majority of people are convinced Amanda Knox got away with.- IPSOS MAATI

 Just finished Deceit and I really enjoyed it. All I knew about this case is what was on the news or a few documentaries that I had watched and to be honest the way it was portrayed I felt so sorry for Amanda Knoxs and her boyfriend at the time. Innocent people I thought, caught up in a murder that the Italians wanted solved quickly and Amanda etc were the scapegoats. But after reading Nick's book which give you the real facts of this case I have real DOUBT of their innocence. Amanda and her ex are not the people the media lead us to believe they are. I highly recommend this to anyone who like me was naive to the real story and the people involved. - Susan Mcbrierty

I'm very impressed with DECEIT.  The format is readable and succeeds in immediately drawing in the reader. It drew me in and I've been reading and writing about this case for a long while. The book is powerful and its debut at this time is deeply offensive to the fascist cult of Amanda Knox. Free speech is for them alone. I'm happy to join my voice to all the other voices for justice for Meredith Kercher and her family. - Cali

I loved your book. Lots of passion. Perspicacious, revealing, powerful.

I didn't like the f- word... The extra large fonts seem indulgent.

I don't believe Meredith was killed because of mess or a rent money row, although these are escalating factors that gave A a pretext for violence and rage.

I believe it was premeditated. Don't rule it out. I can give you my theory if you like.

I very much look forward to Dark Matter.
- Kris

"Your book is thoroughly researched and analyzed. You have a unique perspective from your personal experience with drug addicts. Your analysis of the evidence, facts and events surrounding this case is superb! 
I've followed this case for years and read most of the books out there from both sides.
Sometimes a fresh viewpoint reveals things I hadn't considered or overlooked.
I would recommend this book for anyone interested in understanding the murder of Meredith Kercher.
I'm left wanting more.  I look forward to Dark Matter." - LH

For seven years, I’ve been baffled about this murder.   Running in circles with the rest of the world; trying to understand what’s real and what’s fabricated.  It wasn’t until I read Nick van der Leek’s book that I saw a far more sinister side to this case than I ever imagined.  True to the author’s style of investigation, he leaves no stone unturned and nobody immune from scrutiny.  You’ll walk away with a motive and reconstruction that will chill you to the bone, and is highly plausible.

It’s easy to get wrapped up in the assertion that this is a case of a foreigner falsely confessing under duress.  Nobody wants to believe a young woman can suddenly commit murder.  But sadly, how many times have we been here before?  Sometimes motives are buried deep under the mire and it takes considerable digging to bring them to the surface.  And that’s what’s been done here in this book.  One very troubling fact in this case that can’t be explained away by Knox, no matter how hard she tries, is that she pinned the crime on an innocent man and let him sit in jail for two weeks.  Have you ever honestly asked yourself under what conditions you would do the same? I think most people would answer - I'd never do that.  So why did she? 

 For as widely publicized as this case has been, I couldn’t believe how much I learned from Doubt.  You’ll be guided on a tour of the villa on the hill, and provided some fascinating insight into the roommates and their lifestyles.  You’ll learn more about Perugia and the hot spots they hung out at.  There are also some jaw-dropping details that are shared about drug use.  By the time the author brings you to the week before the murder, you’ll feel like you’re standing right there on the plaza in Perugia, watching it unfold.  It’s a powerful and engaging way to tell this story, especially since links are provided to all your resources.  Everything from pictures to articles and videos – the author has given you links to everything you need.

I will admit, I still have a few more lingering questions about the evidence in this case.   Believing somebody is guilty and proving it are two different things - obviously, considering the outcome of this case.  But I feel like I’m a heck of a lot closer to understanding now, and the author has two more books coming out about this case.  I will be the first person in line to read them! - LW

Note: To buy DECEIT, currently #4 Amazon Bestseller, go here..  Coming Soon on,  DARK MATTER and UNDER SUSPICION.