Wednesday, November 11, 2015

5 Star Reviews for NEVEREST

By JL on November 1, 2015
Format: Kindle Edition
As always Nick van der Leek shows immense insight and is a great writer. It reads like a thriller, with intense investigation into all the characters and their actions on this terrible day. There is much food for thought and you won't stop reading until the last page.

Format: Kindle Edition
As always an excellent read. I love his books and they way he researches and presents his story. Nick and Lisa make a fantastic team. Cannot wait for the next book on Oscar.

on October 22, 2015
I had never heard of this author but so glad I found this book. It kept my interest until the end. Halfway through I downloaded every book from this author. I highly recommend.
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Thursday, September 17, 2015

Latest 5 star Review of FUGITIVE

Another amazing read by van der Leek and Wilson  
By melissa manzella on September 17, 2015
Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase 
Wow, what a read! Carefully researched and creatively written, I found this book to be an absolute winner. If ever there'd been a nagging question as to this shooting being an accident, these two authors have put that squarely to bed! Delving deeply into Oscars life, revealing what makes him 'tick', his frailties and fears, but much more importantly, his absolute resolve to 'fix them' (cover them up), has allowed these two to construct a narrative that ultimately arrives, and directly ties into, the shooting on that fateful Valentines morning. It becomes apparent to the reader that Oscar did little that wasn't INTENDED. This reality even existing from a very early age. 
 The reader gains insight into how Oscars' response to these issues made him sell out long ago, and the authors lay bare Oscars mission, one where weaknesses are never allowed to show, that is until they regretfully surfaced in the most grotesque way possible, ending the life of Reeva Rebecca Steenkamp. This is a must read for trial junkies (legal info also included on upcoming appeal), those who enjoy the study of the human condition, or those who'd just like to better understand 'who' Oscar Pistorius was. 
During this trial and even now, I'd often myself wondered just how this guy who seemingly had it all, now sits in a cell convicted of homicide. Fugitive answered my question! Congrats and many thanks to Nick van der Leek and Lisa Wilson on authoring another stunning book, and please, please, write another! 
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Monday, July 27, 2015

If you want to read an ebook you'll need to download this's dead easy!

 Ebooks may not be your first choice, but that's what smartphones are for...

This is going to sound weird, especially given what I do: I don't like reading ebooks.  I do like reading though, and my preferences are to read paperbacks first and foremost, then listen to audiobooks, and then...well, anything besides an ebook please.

I think the reason I'm not so gung ho about the idea is because like many of you, I spend so much time on my PC, laptop and phone.  So when I want to enjoy a good book, I want to...well, enjoy it.  Sitting in front of an LCD screen isn't always work, but if often feels like it.  Reading a book...well, it represents, in a sense, getting away from all that, right?

Of course, there's also that no man's land where one is neither working nor playing.  You might be commuting to work, queuing somewhere, or hanging out on the beach.  Perhaps waiting for a flight.  It's on these occasions that a phone and an ebook on your phone can be great!  You may have just ten minutes, or forty, or you don't know how much time you have but you're waiting, or perhaps you wake up halfway through your flight and you've read the inflight magazine, can't sleep - what now?  That's when a good book on your phone [or laptop] can be exactly what the doctor ordered.

If you're ready to take the plunge [I very recently did and you know it wasn't bad] you need to start by downloading the Kindle app.  You can do so at this link.  It's a fairly large file, 30MB if I recall.  Download it and then just follow the instructions.

One potential snag - if you've never read a book through Amazon or never ordered a book, you might need to sign up and register with them.That's also quick and free so make sure you get that done first.

If you're like me and you like reading it's worthwhile being registered with the world's largest and most popular bookstore.  Ebooks are also invariably cheaper than paperbacks, and also leave zero carbon footprint.  No trees were cut down to bring the bad boy on your right to 'print' on Amazon, currently riding high as a # 2 Amazon Bestseller in the Criminal Procedure category.

Another advantage: navigation in an ebook is in some ways a superior experience compared to a normal book.  The software gives you an indication of where you are in the narrative in percentage terms, ie 14% or 57% or 88% whatever the case may be. You can also search your way to specific words.

So, what are you waiting for? Get yourself geared up, get some brand new books on your smartphone today and make the most of your time 'between places'. Click here!