Sunday, July 31, 2011

The world’s most advanced wristwatch [Brainstorm magazine, July 2011]

The form and function of modern timepieces continue to amaze.
BY  Nick van der Leek , 28 July 2011
The Polar RS600X (above), and (below, from right) the Timex FLIX and Garmin Forerunner 450 are just three examples of today’s state-of-the-art wristwatch technology.

Show time: that’s the primary purpose of a wristwatch. We are all, after all, obsessed with time. Traffic, commutes, office hours, deadlines, pay cheques, they’re all built around a common clock.

This life-by-numbers has been accelerated through digital technology, which has not only widened the channels and variety of media, but the sort of personal information an individual might need. Satellite tracking has added a neat dimension to the life of the ordinary mortal who simply wishes to measure his or her jogging route. And it’s probably in this area that wristwatches have evolved the most.

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